Friday, August 21, 2009

Adult Dyslexia: Working With It

Adult dyslexia is a condition, not a life-threatening illness. It is time to put things in perspective because it becomes more crippling when it's not dealt with truthfully.This isn't a handicap of the intellect, even if you may have challenges in spelling and reading. It's a condition of the neuroses that have to be properly diagnosed to get the necessary help at school or at work.If you have dyslexia, you can help yourself by changing the way you perceive the disorder in terms of your personal life, job, and dreams. Being aware of the condition from an informed standpoint renders it simpler for you to get help.Dyslexia At WorkSome common symptoms of adult dyslexia are these behaviors:* Challenge in speech recognition* Challenge in following talks that are detailed* Abysmal reading comprehension* Numbers such as 69 and 96 are mixed up* Challenge in spelling* Memory is short-term or considerably poor* Concentration is poorAdult dyslexics who aren't privy that they have the disorder typically try to conceal their challenges for fear of repercussions. They can come to terms with their condition, however, with the proper screening. Furthermore, the office can also provide the required support to help dyslexics work.Calculating numbers, writing, and reading are a few tasks that dyslexics attempt to steer clear of. They also suffer from low self-esteem. When diagnosed correctly, though, dyslexics prove to be intelligent and shine in creative activities.Studying With DyslexiaCollege pupils who are dyslexic are common. Diagnosed with the condition, they're provided with the help needed to cope with the demands of university life. There is no need, though, to send dyslexic students to special schools that cater to persons afflicted with serious mental handicaps.With the grants available for dyslexic students, they are overcoming struggles and learning to cope and improve focus by utilizing techniques in note-taking and computers.The belief that dyslexics can't finish college has been dispelled a hundred times by students like Albert Einstein, Pierre Curie, and George Patton. These people were gifted with dyslexia, excelled in their studies, and offered their outstanding contributions to the world.How To DealYou can focus on your creative abilities if you are aware of your struggles. This way, you become useful, routing your efforts elsewhere.Explain that you're capable of doing a good job, even if you learn in a different way. At the office, make maximum use of the computer. Have it do the spelling and reading for you.It is a matter of being honest about the disorder with one's self and with others. For your co-workers and you, life will be a lot simpler. It will be easier to deal with dyslexia, as well.

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